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Hello Everyone,welcome to my freebies section.While you browsing my site,do me a favor by reading my term & condition here where's i'm mentioning how's i'm working on providing blogger template and also kindly view this tutorial before you download my freebies template from here
1) How to download free blogger template from Sofea Design
2) How to Upload Template on Blogger New Templates Format?
Terms and Condition :
1) YOU MAY use my templates design for personal use only. If you wish to submit a layout for publication, please ask my permission first.
2) YOU MAY use these templates to make an Online Shopping or Share with your friends, and other such items as long as you do not sell my designs for a profit. If you wish to use them for a fundraiser or charity, Please ask our permission first.
3) YOU MAY NOT resize, recolor, cut, or alter any items to your liking but you may save my templates design for back up purposes only.
4) YOU MAY NOT reproduce copies of all my templates design to resell or add to any CD and other form for personal profit. Because all of this is FREE for everyone : )
5) YOU MAY NOT claim these graphics as your own or alter them to claim as your own. I know who's had flowing my template design. Be carefull because I'm watching you : )
6) YOU MAY NOT remove the links are inside templates code. Please for learn to appreciate copyrighted works from others. It's so hurt when I saw there some friends who's claim my own designs n remove link other inspired designers : (
1)You may download all my freebies as long as you keep the credit links to my blog(such as my website linkies).
2)You may mention if you download anything from this site on shoutbox (that provided by the site).
3)You may not edit or modified anything on the blog template that made by me.(if you need to edit the template let me know but make sure the footer credit is on my site name).
4)If you wanna make a 'request' for template modification, doodles or anything,kindly send the written communication to the following address: 

All Freebies Item List:
Free Kawaii Background
Free Cute Background #1
Free Flower Background #2
Free Cute Background #3
Free Pattern Background #2
Free Cute Background #2
Free Kawaii Lace Background
Free Flower Background For Blog
Free Pattern Background For Blog

Cute Blog Material
Cute Fonts For Header
Free Blog Button
Free Teddy Bear and Cute Puppies Button
Free Blinkies For Blog
Free Heart Social Icon set
Free Social Icon Pack
Free Header and Notice Box
Free Web Icon For Blog & Website
Cute Blog Header
Cute Font #2 
Cute Font #3 
Cute Pusheen Header For Blog/Website 

Cute & Kawaii Doodles
Free Cute Doodles
Cute Kawaii Pixel
Cute Bunny Pixel 

Tutorial :
Hey there, kindly view this tutorial before you download my freebies template below :
1) How to download free blogger template from Sofea Design
2) How to Upload Template on Blogger New Templates Format?
Free Blogger Template
Natasha Natashi Free Blogger Template (SimpleEdition) {MOST DOWNLOADED BY VIEWER}
Whiteixora Style Free Blogger Template #1
Hey There Delilah TicTac Template 2 Columns {MOST DOWNLOADED BY VIEWER}
Purple Little Girls With Ballons Tictac Template
Wonderful Valentine Gift Template  
Green female Hustler : Washed Denim 3 Columns Template feat 3 Footer
Sweet Pink : Washed Denim 3 Columns Template ~NEW~ {MOST DOWNLOADED BY VIEWER}
Little Girl Blog Template
Black Pink Revolution Template
Sweet 20 Princess Template (sweet pink) {MOST DOWNLOADED BY VIEWER} (Recommended by WHSC)
Princess In Black Template
Lovely Blue Bear Template
Kawaii Princess Template {MOST DOWNLOADED BY VIEWER} (Recommended by WHSC)
Premade Blogger Template
Hello Kitty World Free Template
Freak Valentine Free Template
Princess in Purple Free Template
Hello Kitty World 2 Free Template
Kawaii Girl Diary Free Blogger Template * hot template design 
Princess Chibinara (Black and Pink combination) Free Blogger Template * hot template design 
Purple Flower (Simple Edition Free Template) 
Anime Premium Blogger Template 
Fashion House Blog Template 
Te'Amor La'Sugar Blogger Template (Picture Window) 
It's cute to be bored Free Template !! - new item August 2012

Latest Free Blogger Template 2013 (November 2012- March 2013)
A Celebrity Blog -new template design Mac 2013 ***
Online Shopping Free Blogger Template
Monokuro Boo Christmas Template *for blogger
Oh Kawaii Baby Blue Template
The Cupcake Free Template
Girly,Dolly and Blogging Template
I'm Kawaii Princess Free Blog Template
Angry Bird {Cherry Blossom Edition} Free Blogger Template

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