Tutorial : How To Create Your Own Cursor

 In addition to the many funny cursor available on google, for the uninitiated, we can make them yourself from the picture that we want to choose yourself. Let's begin :)
I use Photoshop CS2 for edit an image. Now, chose your image
Click File > New > and create size 40 for width and 40 for height like picture below

and will be like this

Now, back to your image, select the image that will make your cursor with use "Rectangular Marquee Tool (M)"

Selection your image :)

Then now, Hold the Left Cursor, and drag it to "Untitled-1" with use "Move Tool"

Because the big picture I choose, then we must set to fit into size 40x40 with Click Right cursor > select Free Transform. And it will be like this picture below

Contains a white part becomes transparent so that images like this

With use "Magic Eraser Tool (E)"

Now again, we must save this image with "Web Format" with click File > Save for Web & Devices or use (Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S)

Chose PNG-24 format, and size 40px x 40px then save.
After done, upload your image to blogger Add Image or another hosting image

Grab only picture link
Now, go to your template the find teks "body" like picture below
Then, put this code below "text-align:center;":

cursor: url("http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_sL5hjN6rnc0/TTFIRc5Fd6I/AAAAAAAABYo/TxFvsrzycZQ/s1600/cursor.b33.png"),default;

See template "my own template" for demo this tutorial, Which is i use two cursor on my blog (purple girl) & my site name (whiteixora sugarplum)^_^

Credit image : rinda

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